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Why is German Flue-Cured Virginian Tobacco so Expensive?

05 Feb 2023

German flue-cured Virginian tobacco is one of the most expensive types of shisha tobacco on the market.

But why?

What makes this particular type of tobacco so sought after and worth its high price tag?

Harvesting Process Much like with wine, the quality of the soil in which tobacco is planted can have a significant impact on its flavour.

For German flue-cured Virginian tobacco, that means being grown in well-draining soil in a specific region of Germany.

This soil helps bring out certain flavours that are unique to this type of tobacco.

The harvesting process is incredibly labour-intensive and requires careful attention from skilled workers.

The plants must be harvested at just the right time. If they're picked too early, they won't have enough nicotine and other compounds to make them suitable for use as shisha tobacco. If picked too late, they may contain too much nicotine or other compounds that make them unpleasant to smoke.

Once harvested, the leaves must be strung together and hung up for curing.

This process allows for the moisture content of each leaf to be reduced to an acceptable level before it can be packaged up for sale.

As you can imagine, all this careful work adds significantly to the cost of producing German flue-cured Virginian tobacco.

The unique flavour profile of the German flue-cured Virginian tobacco makes it stand out from other types of shisha tobacco on the market.

It has a mild sweetness with hints of earthiness and herbal notes, giving it a pleasant texture on the palate.

The flavour isn't overpowering or too sweet like some other tobaccos can be. Instead, it provides a subtle yet enjoyable smoking experience when appropriately blended with different tobaccos or herbs.

Overall, many factors contribute to why German flue-cured Virginian tobacco is so expensive–from its labour-intensive harvesting process to the unique flavour profile that makes it stand out among other shisha tobaccos available today.

While it may not be cheap, those who enjoy smoking it will tell you it's worth every dollar!

Whether you invest in some for yourself or simply stick with more budget-friendly options, understanding why this type of shisha tobacco is so expensive helps us appreciate what makes it unique!

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